Summer is here. That means warm weather and sun…… It is important to keep everyone safe from the harmful rays of the sun. I remember my parents lathering on terrible smelling creams before I could go in the water….. Then as a teenager, I was stupid enough to mix baby oil with iodine to get a deeper tan. Guess what, my parents had to take me to the emergency room for blisters and what I now know as stupidity on my part.

If this wasn’t enough I checked out tanning beds in my 30s……….

Enough about my mistakes, here is some fun stuff now that the gear is here, and parents know how important it is to keep their children safe.

For flamingo girls, this is a bathing suit that has SPF 40% protection.

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Flamingo Girls SPF Swimwear

For cruises, trips to the beach, this flamingo hat, which is an adorable infant hat in the style of sailors hat gives sun protection…….

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Flamingo Baby Hats

For unique baby gifts for parents who are fans of the tropics, this flamingo baby outfit is so bright and fun.

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Unique Flamingo Baby Gifts

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Flamingo Flip Flops For Kids

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