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Not sure how I became a flamingo girl. I know that I am because I love pink as it brings out the color in my cheeks, flamingos bring a smile to my face. One thing I am certain about is that I look best when I am smiling.

As a lover of pink flamingos, it has allowed me to see one of the oldest retailers take an interest in flamingos. Macy’s Spring Flower Show had an over the top display of pink flamingos.

I’m excited for many reasons that Macy’s did a Flamingo Display. Before I discovered that I had a fondness for pink flamingos, I knew that “Miracle On 34th Street” was a movie that I loved. I still enjoy the original movie, all the remakes. Macy’s, Christmas in New York City brings visitors from all over the world at Christmas to see their fabulous windows.

Now to find that there were Macy’s Flamingos, Flamingos In New York City is so fun. New York City’s Macy’s windows included Floradora the Flamingo. An oversized flamingo traveling to various destinations including Mexico, Japan, New York City, Las Vegas, as well as, a rainforest and the tropics.

The entrance at New York Macy’s Herald Square had giant pink flamingo topiaries decorated with more than 5,000 pink kalanchoe. Three sets of giant matching twin flamingo topiaries each standing at more than 10-feet tall!

I wonder if hubby would consider designing some flamingo topiaries for unique flamingo lawn ornaments? Perhaps, could cover them in some bright pink flower vines.

Not only did the Macy’s in New York do the Spring Flamingos Flower Show, but Macy’s stores in Chicago, Minneapolis and Philadelphia included the pink flamingo theme for their Flower Show.

Macy’s Center City Store in Chicago used two pairs of gigantic 12-foot pink flamingo topiaries.

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Macy’s Downtown Minneapolis Dream In Color show was centered around two spectacular 10-foot-tall flamingo topiaries. Hope they were able to keep flamingos warm in Minnesota.

Macy’s on State Street in Chicago displayed more than 125 plastic lawn flamingos and eight hand crafted metal flamingos hanging from pillars down the main aisle.
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Sadly, I didn’t know about Macy’s flamingos until after their Spring Flower Shows were over. None of the cities that the pink flamingo theme was displayed at Macy’s is near me. Had I know about the spectacular idea of Flamingos In Macy’s Windows, I would have been looking for cheap airline tickets, last minute travel to any of these cities to see them.
However, I have found some photos to share. I will let you know if any flamingo topiary gets designed for flamingo garden decor at home.

Maybe, Macy’s flamingos were so popular, that some year there will be a Flamingo Christmas display in New York City’s Macy’s windows and it will be announced far enough in advance so that we can plan to see Pink Flamingos in New York.

Even better, maybe there will be a Pink Flamingo balloon added to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day or simply known as the “Macy’s Parade”.

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