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Date: Thursday February 5, 2009
Posted in: Flamingo Girl

What is a flamingo gal? Well, I am insulted if you view the flamingo gal, flamingo girl or flamingo lady as a woman sitting in a singlewide trailer watching Jerry Springer.

A flamingo gal is the affectionate name for a flamingo girl, flamingo lady or flamingo woman. Sure that cleared things up for you.

Flamingo girls for some peculiar reason discover pink flamingos as something that brings a smile to our faces. No, it doesn’t necessary mean¬†tacky pink flamingos in the yard.

It starts quite simply as a pair of flamingo earrings that we came across and went “oh, those are fun”.¬† It might have been a flamingo t shirt that we bought on a whim.

This flamingo sweatshirt I found explains the journey to becoming a flamingo girl. It simply states the facts, Pink Flamingos are Just Like Potato Chips Nobody can have one……

What else makes a flamingo girl? Someone with a large sense of humor, fun loving spirit and just a wonderful overall view of life.

Oh, did I mention a bit about the flamingo gal is the independant spirit she carries. I have been fortunate to run into flamingo girls. They may be a group of girls, ladies or women that get together for a weekend to get away and enjoy each other’s company. Actually, I found them just because they usually find me. I am wearing at least one or two unique pink flamingo items be it a hat, necklace, shirt or my favorite handpainted flamingo jeans or carrying a flamingo tote.

Conversation is immediately started by them spotting me decked out in flamingo stuff. We are not as organized as the Red Hat Society because we “dance to our own drum”. The thought of having real rules, other than having fun, we don’t want any part of.

More to come from the flamingo gal including “living with the flamingo girl”, the guide to the men that embrace their flamingo girls, and know if you shop for unique pink flamingos that we don’t have, you will stay on the “A list”.

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