Flamingo Girls and Flamingo Boys

Date: Sunday March 8, 2009
Posted in: Flamingo Stuff

It use to seem if there are more women partial to pink flamingos and men tend to take a bit longer to warm up to the thought of decorating with pink flamingos or wearing anything with pink flamingos on it.

There certainly seems to be a change in flamingo lovers just being a women thing.

I recently caught part of a rerun of an episode of “Boston Legal” where Denney Crane and Alan Shore both dressed up in pink flamingo costumes. If there were ever two more unlikely male flamingo dressing guys, it would be these two skirt chasing, cigar smoking, Scotch drinkers.

A wonderful episode with lots of conversation about pink flamingos and clearly some of the best flamingo costumes to be seen.

Men Wearing Flamingo Costumes, Boston Legal Flamingo Costume

Men Wearing Flamingo Costumes, Boston Legal Flamingo Costume

These is a TV series after all with a big budget. If a flamingo gal or flamingo man wants to wear one, it will set you back over $1,000 bucks as these are flamingo mascotte costumes.

Much more affordable, if you want to dress like a flamingo, is this flamingo novelty hat.

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So, flamingo girls, if you run into one of those men that gives you static about your pink flamingo collection, tell them that real men like Denney and Alan were seen smoking cigars on the balcony wearing 8 foot tall flamingo costumes.

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