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Date: Wednesday April 8, 2009
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I guess as long as I can remember, whenever I saw flamingo jewelry, I had to buy it. Of course, these goes back over 30 years ago, when the flamingo habit started. Now, because of flamingo girls, there seems to be a wider selection of pink flamingo jewelry to buy. Yes, because of flamingo girls, our love for flamingoes, buyers for stores, website and manufacturer companies have found that we do get a bit “flamingo crazy”, making a market to sell flamingos. Therefore we can almost find flamingo jewelry to wear for any occasion.
So, as I gaze into my vintage “flamingo jewelry box” found on Ebay about 11 years ago, I realize that my flamingo jewelry ranges from vintage flamingo jewelry to pretty flamingo jewelry that I can wear to dress up to silly flamingo jewelry to wear to a party.

Along with the silly flamingo jewelry I have received as flamingo gifts from friends to flamingo stuff that I have found, I have fun flamingo hats, visors and sunglasses to wear too. The flamingo hats are varied from wide brim fashion sun hats with pink flamingos, to flamingo caps that can be used for “bad hair days” and for going out on the boat.

This year we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day locally. The river here does not get green dye poured in. Since, it is a holiday that is celebrated with much craziness, I decided that I could bring out some of the crazy flamingo jewelry to blend with St. Patrick’s Day silliness.

As far as I’m concerned, pink goes with green and every other color. My flamingo style for the St. Pat’s Day Happy Hour was green beads, pink flamingo lights necklace, flamingo sunglasses. I topped off the flamingo madness of the celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day with green feathery head boppers teamed up with pink flamingo head boppers .

Needless to say, no one was wearing what I had on. In the parking lot of the St. Patrick’s Day party location, I was amazed at how many folks came up to me………..asking where I got the pink flamingo stuff.

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Cute Flamingo Accessories

Yes, when you wear weird flamingo stuff, you have chosen to say “I am a flamingo lover”. I leave it open to being a “flamingo lover” as I have found men that are in touch with the “flamingo fun” in life.

I would be biased if I just said “I am a flamingo girl”. I am a flamingo lover and a flamingo girl. I have had the pleasure of watching manly men “ooh and aah” over the mass collection of pink flamingos stuff that they see displayed and enjoyed in my house. Most of them realize they know a “flamingo girl” in their life.

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