Fun stuff for the flamingo girl is flamingo toe rings for flamingos to wear on toes. Cute flamingo jewelry for tropical beach travel, cruises or summer parties is showing off a french pedicure or pink nail polish on toes.

flamingo toe ring,flamingo jewelry

I was shopping for a new nail polish for summer in a beauty supply store. I picked up a color that I saw that looked like a great pink nail polish color for wearing in spring and summer. I was ready for something bright. Guess what, the color was “flamingo pink”. It was also the last bottle in that color.

For the creative flamingo girl out there or the flamingo lover who has a wonderful nail tech, here are some videos on how to draw a flamingo on your nails.

Drawing the head of the flamingo

Drawing the body of the flamingo

Drawing the beak of flamingo bird

Drawing the first leg of the flamingo

Well, I am no artist. My wonderful nail girl does use a computer to see how to airbrush or draw a flamingo. In fact, she sometimes confuses flamingos with egrets.

So, I found the easiest way to decorate my fingernails with flamingo art. When summer rolls around, I can even put fun flamingo art on my toenails using these simple FLAMINGO NAIL ART DECALS

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