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Date: Monday March 30, 2009
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I waited to see if any of my friends browsing the liquor store would find the flamingo vodka and present it to me as a flamingo gift. My birthday and Christmas passed by and I hadn’t received the Van Gogh flamingo vodka that is a flavored vodka with beautiful flamingo art on the bottle.

I got some exceptional vodka gifts that were more expensive vodka than I would buy for myself like Ketel One. However, none of the bottles had the beautiful pink flamingoes on it that I was longing for.

I have admired my Van Gogh flamingo vodka bottle and decided that it can’t stay unopened forever. So, I decided to look for drinks that could be made from the flavored vodka.

I am partial to plain vodka with a mix or dirty vodka martinis. I’m not much into flavored martinis like the “apple martinis” and believe chocolate is a dessert, not something that I want to drink as a “chocolate martini”.

For those who are unfamiliar with Van Gogh flamingo vodka, it is a flavored vodka of acai and blueberry. I thought at first, “oh healthy vodka”. Afterall, the acai berry is the much touted “weight loss” miracle, combined with blueberry, that is an important part of a diet.

After simple looking about for a something that sounds easy for making a “tropical flamingo cocktail drink” it would be “Pink Flamingo” made with
2 oz Van Gogh Acai – Blueberry Vodka
3 oz. Pink Lemonade.

If you are flamingo gals, getting together for a “flamingo girls weekend”, make sure to get your flamingo cocktail stirrers to decorate your flamingo drinks. These are fun flamingoes for a flamingo party. So, party On Flamingo Girls!

As soon as summer warms up, I will be making infused vodka in the “flamingo” infusion jar and will be adding the picture of the glass infusion jar with the etched flamingo.

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