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Date: Monday March 1, 2010
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Fun flamingo stuff is some of the novelty flamingo items for flamingo girls, flamingo lovers, flamingo guys, flamingo boys to wear.  After all, plastic flamingos are going mainstream with its appearance on a new Swiffer SweeperVac advertisement. Your old broom hangs out with a pink flamingo girl in the yard. They begin to sway to “Who’s That Lady” by the Isley Brothers. The pink flamingo ornament is posed drinking a soda with the broom at the close of the commercial.

flamingo sunglassesAnd look, here is someone from the a morning show with flamingo sunglasses. Ann Curry from the Today Show picks flamingo sunglasses for fun flamingo eyeware.

This novelty flamingo tie can be worn to add fun flamingo clothing for luau party, Parrot head party, beach party.

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Novelty Flamingo Tie

Novelty flamingos come in a range of flamingo stuff to wear, flamingo items to decorate with. When I first became a flamingo collector over 30 years ago, it was limited to flamingoes ith the state of Florida engraved somewhere or a flamingo souvenier from a zoo. By the way, if you have an old souvenir flamingo tablecloth, they are going for major money on Ebay. I prefer the newer outdoor flamingo tablecloths that fit my current lifestyle of easy clean.

Now, if you have a tiki bar, it is almost required that you display a fun flamingo sign to add to tropical decor, tiki decor or beach decor.  There is also flamingo garden flags to fly. There are flamingo signs to for your outdoor grilling areas, pool cabanas that add instant paradise.

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Flamingo Flag

Flamingo shoes like flamingo flip flops are fun to wear to the beach. Soles leave impressions of flamingos.

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Flamingo Flip Flops

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